Resistance Review – S1E15 ‘The First Order Occupation’

Hello everyone and welcome back to the StarWarsReference blog. Today, we are bringing to you the next installment of our Star Wars Resistance reviews. Four of us came together to provide bite-sized, paragraph reviews of the newest episode to give a little insight into our thoughts on the episodes. So, without further adieu, here are the reviews!


So this episode was pretty solid for the most part. It’s always good to see the status quo of a show change. There wasn’t much that happened besides the First Order proving to be a dominating threat. For the most part, this episode just feels like a setup for future ones, setting the stakes and what not. I wasn’t a fan of how Kaz acted less competent in this, always bumping into stuff repeatedly even though it could’ve all been avoided. I get it’s a kid show and they’re doing it for comedy, but it feels like they’re forgetting how he’s somewhat capable. Neeku was there, not much to say beyond the fact he was doing his usual antics.

Rating: 6.5/10


“The First Order Occupation” is a pretty direct sequel to the events of the previous episode. The FO has set up shop on the Colossus and is cracking down on crime, even to the tiniest infraction. It’s interesting seeing First Order stormtroopers interact with civilians, and I wonder whether this is an accurate reflection of daily life on worlds under the boot of the First Order. Furthermore, the degree to which the station’s residents are willing to give up their freedom in the name of increased security is a startling echo of how the galaxy welcomed the coming of the Empire after the chaos of the Clone Wars. Kaz and Synara had some nice moments this episode, and we really see their friendship on full display here, and it was cool seeing that Neeku has a brave side. Synara will obviously return to the show at some point, but it’s just a matter of when. Hopefully, this streak of superb episodes continues in the coming weeks.

Rating: 8/10



I enjoyed this week’s episode of Resistance! I thought the tension in the episode was very cool, between worrying about whether or not Synara would get caught or Kaz’s cover be blown. I liked the glimpse we got at what it’s like to live under the (early days) of a First Order occupation, and the ways in which they’re similar (and different) from the Empire. In particular, I thought that the episode really depicted the distance a lot of people have between their perception of something v. the reality–the people of the Colossus crave justice and order, and so they’re willing to overlook the oppressive nature of the First Order. Similarly, they’re able to forget about the evils of the Empire that spawned it; some might not even believe the official history, as shown in The Legends of Luke Skywalker. I hope that Synara and the pirates continue to be set-up for the inevitable clash that’s going to take place on the Colossus.

Rating: 8/10


Star Wars: Resistance continues a strong run of episodes in this latest entry. With the First Order occupying forces assuming control of Colossus Station, both Kaz and Synara have reason to worry. Kaz, however, is the only person who knows the identities of the organic spies on the station and has Synara’s back. When the First Order come to question her, Synara knows it’s time to make her escape off the station, something she has started to arrange. I liked seeing how the occupation was affecting the citizenry of Colossus Station, as the stormtroopers patrolling were hassling a Rodian and stealing cleaning equipment from a Frigosian. This Frigosian gets one of the bigger laughs when, while running from the First Order, our spy duo runs into them on the elevator. I’m rather fond of certain characters’ comedic inclinations on the show and find Neeku to be genuinely hilarious most of the time. Problems arise when a moment between Kaz and Synara is ruined by his clumsiness. I think it’s fine to have a character like Kaz be clumsy, but interrupting a farewell between these two characters in a moment of high tension should be off-limits. I wish the show was a bit better at balancing these dueling tones and giving dramatic moments proper time to breathe. The episode ends with Synara reuniting with her pirate allies, but expressing a remorseful acceptance of her place. I’m wondering whether we will see more of the pirates through the lens of Synara’s POV, or whether we’ll only see her again when the pirates continue to raid Colossus Station. Hopefully, we see her soon, since she adds a lot to the show, and I wonder whether she and Kaz could become an item.

Rating: 8/10



Last week’s episode brought us closer to seeing just what the First Order has planned for the Colossus, and this is no exception. We have another Synara episode where she tries to escape the Colossus and the character development for her has reached its peak. At first, she wanted nothing to do with Kazuda and only wanted to be a spy for Kragen. Now, however, she cares about Kaz, Tam, Neeku, and the others. She’s out for herself, sure, but she cares more about others (though she still seems oblivious to Kaz’s crush).

Speaking of Kazuda, he was probably the weakest aspect of the episode. He seemed to be tripping over himself constantly while either being infatuated with Synara or just trying to help her. He’s still nowhere as bad as he was at the beginning of the season, but this episode was definitely a more slapstick one for Kaz. However, taking everything into account, the First Order Occupation is not looking like it’s stopping anytime soon. With Synara gone, the only one left for them to stop is Kaz, and next week seems to be the closest to action we’ll get.

Rating: 8.5/10


The First Order Occupation was a pretty solid episode. Like I said last week, one thing I like about this show is how it doesn’t slow down, every episode contributes to one of the plot threads in some way. Synara has turned out to be a much bigger character than I expected from her initial appearance and I’m enjoying it. I’m interested in seeing where they take her character in the rest of the season. One choice I really liked was seeing Tam support the First Order presence on the Colossus. As far as she’s aware, they’re just providing security for the platform. I hadn’t seen it coming, and it’ll be interesting to see her opinion change seeing as the midseason trailer showed her in their custody. I think Resistance has done a better job than Rebels did at first with making the Empire/First Order feel like a real threat overall. I’m looking forward to seeing the show change things up even more when it catches up to The Force Awakens in the timeline. Can’t wait for the rest of the season!

Rating: 8/10



While somewhat of a step back from the fantastic previous episode, this week’s installment provided a great sense of change and story progression, with many noting the portrayal of the First Order’s occupation as one of the best parts. The comedy was hit or miss for many of us and Kaz’s incompetence returning seems to be another point against it but, overall, the episode was very solid once again from a story standpoint.

Overall Rating: 7.8/10

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Reviews by Vid, AV, Ian, Revan, and SenatorConfer

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