State of the Galaxy I: The Empire

Hello everyone, I am confederalis, and welcome to the first post in Star Wars Reference’s State of the Galaxy series. Here we will be exploring the state of the Empire, New Republic, First Order, and everything in between during the gap years of Star Wars canon. Today, we start with the Empire. I hope you enjoy!

When Grand Vizier Mas Amedda put pen to paper on the Galactic Concordance, the Galactic Empire of old ceased to exist. After 24 years of tyranny and seven years of war, Emperor Palpatine’s iron grip had faltered, ushering the galaxy into a new era. With the New Republic’s rapid expansion came petty squabbles over politics, reparations, and demilitarization. Former high ranking Imperial officers now had to decide where their allegiances lay. With the fractured Empire being reduced to a rump state, many of these officers formed their own remnants in the Rims, hoping to restore the Empire with themselves on the throne.

The Fallout from Endor


With the deaths of Palpatine and Darth Vader and the destruction of the Empire’s second Death Star, the once strong galactic government was thrown into total disarray. Moffs and Admirals seized swathes of territory, announcing themselves as the new, true leader of the Empire. Many former officers locked down their territory, like Governor Ubrik Adelhard in the Anoat sector and Grand Moff Lozen Tolruck on Kashyyyk, whilst others were dedicated to fighting back and restoring the Empire. With the Emperor de jure locked down on Coruscant, the highest ranking surviving Imperials convened on Akiva to discuss the future of the Empire.

Unfortunately for them, the New Republic had the upper hand. With Imperial infighting running rampant, Operation: Cinder, Palpatine’s final order, was launched. While it was a complete success on planets like Vardos and Abednedo, devastating those planets, it was crushed over Naboo, ending the project as a whole. Following suit from their numerous victories throughout the galaxy, the NR attacked Akiva, killing multiple of the gathered Imperial leaders and crushing any hope for a newly unified Empire. However, this was all part of the plan of one man, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, a protege of Palpatine’s who would become the de facto leader of the crumbling Empire by naming himself Counselor of the Empire.

Grand Admiral Sloane

With Grand Admiral Rae Sloane at the helm of his flagship, the Super Star Destroyer Ravager, Rax began to unify the remaining Imperial remnants throughout the galaxy. As fighting died down, Rax began moving fleets to Jakku, readying for one last battle. But, as the New Republic fleet arrived, Rax’s intentions became clear. Following Emperor Palpatine’s true final contingency, Rax aimed to destroy the Imperial fleet and the New Republic fleet once and for all over Jakku, following Palpatine’s final order that the Empire would not continue after his death. Fortunately, Sloane figured out his plans, killing him, and escaping into the Unknown Regions with Brendol Hux and some of Hux’s highly trained child soldiers. With no leader, no orders, and no direction, the fragmented Empire fighting over Jakku faltered and peace was finally achieved in the galaxy.

Galactic Concordance


Emperor de jure Mas Amedda

With their crushing defeat on Jakku, the mighty Empire had finally fallen. Escaping from the captivity of Rax’s men, the Emperor de jure, Mas Amedda, contacted Mon Mothma and offered the Empire’s unconditional surrender. On Chandrila, Amedda and Mothma signed the Imperial Instruments of Surrender, officially ending the Galactic Civil War and establishing the New Republic as the force of power in the galaxy.


  • The Galactic Empire will cease all hostilities with the New Republic and the Imperial government is completely dissolved.
  • All surviving Imperial officers who don’t adhere to the treaty will be branded as war criminals.
  • Non-combatant functionaries are granted full pardons.
  • The Imperial Remnant will be banned from recruiting, training, and mobilizing stormtroopers.
  • All Imperial academies are shut down.
  • Coruscant is surrendered to the New Republic and Mas Amedda is installed as the puppet governor.
  • The remaining Imperial Navy and Remnant forces are confined within predetermined boundaries in the Core and Inner Rim.

Following the signing of the Concordance, the galaxy entered a state of relative peace. Save for a small holdout on Jakku, the new rump state Empire stayed within their boundaries and didn’t launch any assaults or attacks on the New Republic. Meanwhile, the New Republic liberated a staggering amount of former Imperial worlds. Some came peacefully with numerous Imperial governors practically begging for admittance. Others, however, only came violently. Nonetheless, the New Republic rapidly expanded into former Imperial space in the months after the concordance. This relative peace would not last however, as numerous Imperials refused to submit to the treaty, instead, forming their own remnant states in the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions.

Warlords and Remnants

Following the victory at Jakku, the New Republic flooded through the galaxy. System after system was either liberated or captured, forcing many Imperial leaders to surrender, be killed, or flee into the Unknown Regions. However, there were a select few that were dedicated to continuing fighting, even after the New Republic had gained power in the galaxy. These remnants, whilst small in number, had impressive military might thanks to the Empires previous naval superiority. Many continued the attack following the treaty, though they failed to accomplish anything of note. Others, however, elected to bide their time in hiding, gathering power until they were ready to strike.


The very first remnant formed was that of the soldiers on Jakku who continued to fight even after the death of Rax, the escape of Sloane and Randd, and the word that the Concordance had been signed. For months, the battle raged on and above the desert planet with General Hodnar Borrum leading the remaining ground forces in protecting the Carbon Ridge facility, the final holdout of this Jakku remnant. For half a year, this guerilla war raged with Imperial captains pulling New Republic ships to the ground via their tractor beams and Carbon Ridge becoming hotly contested.


Eventually, the New Republic managed to capture Carbon Ridge. Unfortunately for them, however, the Imperial forces destroyed all research and lab data before escaping. Many Imperials managed to make it to Imperial Star Destroyers, whose captains followed coordinates into the Unknown Regions. Other Imperials were captured and added to the long list of Imperial prisoners. Nonetheless, after around a half a year, the Imperial remnant on Jakku was destroyed. As the years passed and the planet was left to rot, stories of crazy, bearded men in Imperial armor who guarded the Carbon Ridge facility began circulating around Jakku’s Niima Outpost. As they were just stories, we have no concrete proof but these could be old stormtroopers still guarding the Imperial lab on this deserted planet.

The Empire in name (Core/Inner Rim)

There was a peaceful Imperial remnant that formed after the signing of the concordance, however. The “Galactic Empire” was in name only and became nothing more than a rump state confined to the Core and Inner Rim due to the stipulations of the concordance. Many Imperial officers brought their ships to the predetermined boundaries peacefully and this “Empire” still controlled many of the wealthy Core planets that were loyal to them. The New Republic allowed for this “Empire” to peacefully coexist within these boundaries and many Imperials took this offer in order to have peace.

While we don’t know exactly what happened to the “Empire”, they do seem to be gone by at least the time of Bloodline. We know many of the planets held by the “Empire” were eventually New Republic planets which means that this rump state either went out fighting or was simply absorbed into the New Republic during the gap years. Either way, this remnant doesn’t seem to have done much notable work, save being a faceless and powerless coalition of what the Empire used to be.

Queluhan Nebula (Nash/Randd)

The most prominent Imperial remnant in the galaxy was formed when the tide of the battle turned over Jakku and orders ceased to be given by Counselor Rax. The command of the Imperial forces fell to Grand Moff Randd and, sensing the imminent defeat, Randd gathered as many forces as he could and escaped into the Unknown Regions. There he established the Queluhan Nebula Remnant and quickly began amassing forces. Only a month after Jakku, this remnant had a substantial military force as portions of the Imperial Navy that refused to stay within their boundaries had joined him. With at least ten Star Destroyers and countless support ships, Randd declared himself the new leader of the Empire and set about preparing to retake what was once theirs.

Grand Moff Randd

However, Randd and his subordinates decided to bide their time. Six months had passed since Jakku and still, they had not made any movements against the New Republic, instead electing to build their forces before launching a major assault. Among his forces were Flight Commander Nash Windrider and Lieutenant Dalven Kyrell aboard the Garrote. This remnant was also responsible for new innovations in the TIE design which would eventually become the First Order Special Forces TIE.

Now, we do not know much of what happened to this remnant of Imperial forces but there is a very high possibility they became one of the big two or three remnants who continued fighting with the New Republic during the gap years. We have only gotten information on them through Lost Stars but I would like to think it is very likely that we shall hear something about this remnant fighting the New Republic or revealing themselves in a novel. Either way, we don’t know if they escaped to the Unknown Regions or not, so, they could have gone out fighting.

Political Hardliners and Treaty Refusers

Whilst Grand Moff Randd hid in a nebula, the Empire in name followed the treaty, and a new order grew in the shadows of the Unknown Regions, there was a much more vocal Imperial remnant formed by political hardliners and parts of the Imperial Navy that refused to adhere to the concordance. This remnant was the most present in the galaxy and engaged the New Republic in a pseudo-Cold War for decades after Jakku.

Forming in the days after the signing of the concordance, many Imperial officers refused to demilitarize, instead opting to build forces and threaten the peace between the Empire and the New Republic. These smaller remnants who refused the treaty saw themselves as true Imperials who refused to let the Old Empire die. Eventually, these smaller remnants united to form a single large and vocal remnant of hardliners to threaten the very peace in the galaxy. For decades, this group toed the line between a radical wing of the New Republic and an actual threat to the galaxy.

foHowever, as the Cold War raged on, many of the Imperials within this remnant began to withdraw from the galaxy into the Unknown Regions, guided by the Attendants and led to presumably a rapidly militarizing First Order. With the military might gone, this remnant transformed into a political wing of the New Republic, a radical centrist group known as the First Order.

Exodus into the Unknown Regions

No matter what happened in the galaxy at large, we know a massive portion of the remaining Imperial forces made their way to find Grand Admiral Sloane in the Unknown Regions in the years following Jakku. Starting soon after Jakku, many Imperials fighting above the planet received new orders and directions through the Unknown Regions. Once Jakku was finally captured, the remaining captains took their ships into the Unknown Regions as well.galaxy

As the cold war between the Imperial remnants and the New Republic raged throughout the galaxy in the decades following Jakku, many Imperial captains and generals began receiving directions into the Unknown Regions. These Imperials began a mass exodus to the Unknown Regions, joining the First Order with whatever it was doing. Eventually, all the Imperial remnants either fled to the Unknown Regions, became absorbed into the New Republic, or were swiftly defeated and the New Republic enjoyed some time of peace before galactic war erupted many years later.

Conclusion and Questions for the Future

The Galactic Empire was fragmented within days after Endor. After a year of fighting, the final large Imperial force was defeated at Jakku. Within days, the Galactic Concordance was signed and the Galactic Empire was officially defeated. Even with this, however, many Imperials continued fighting. Political hardliners entered a cold war with the New Republic, Grand Moff Randd gathered forces on the fringes of known space, and holdouts continued fighting throughout the galaxy. Eventually, however, the Empire as we know it was completely defeated with the officers either dying, becoming complicit, or escaping into the Unknown Regions.

But with all this information about the state of the Empire after the Battle of Jakku, we are still left with many more questions.

  • What happened to Grand Moff Randd’s remnant? Did they go down fighting?
  • What happened to the rump state Empire in the Core? Were they absorbed by the New Republic?
  • When during the gap years did the galaxy truly achieve peace with the Empire?
  • How much actual war was there between remnants and the New Republic?
  • What were General Borrum and the Imperials guarding at Carbon Ridge that was so important?

All of these questions make me very excited for what’s to come in this era. Either way, I think those clamoring for an EU style Imperial remnant will be happy with what’s to come. Thank you, everyone, for reading, make sure to share and leave your critiques. MTFBWY!

Written by confederalis

Edited by marvelstarwars and AV

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