Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Decoded

The Clone Wars: Decoded was an enhanced reairing of most of The Clone Wars‘ first season that included little bonus facts written by the Lucasfilm Animation team that popped up on the screen every once in a while to explain something or add context to the episode. The series aired between the first and second seasons of the show, but many facts were clearly aimed at younger audiences who may not have seen/remembered the other movies. However, other facts were surprisingly insightful, including new information and fun facts.

The episodes disappeared once they were removed from the official Star Wars website a few years after they originally aired. Last year, the StarWarsReference community searched for them for months to no avail. However, everything changed last week when LukeTheNerd received a response on a forum post from mMathab, an archivist who had saved most of the Decoded episodes for his collection (big thanks to them for finally uncovering it). While still a huge find, it only included the first 11 episodes, so, if anyone reading this knows where the other six are, please feel free to contact us. We thought it would be neat to do a post summarizing the most interesting bits of information from the episodes, including entirely new things and references to Legends. So, without further ado:

  • Ambush:
    • King Katuunko’s ship is called the Thief’s Eye.
    • The king chose Rugosa as the meeting place because it reminded him of Toydaria.
    • Toydarians have gas pouches in their bellies that keep them afloat while their wings steer them through the air.
    • Ventress often uses Dooku’s ship while on missions for him.
    • Yoda returns Ventress’ lightsabers because he has proven they are useless against him.
  • Rising Malevolence:
    • Boost got his scars fighting battle droids on Geonosis.
    • Plo Koon’s breathing mask has a built-in comlink so he can easily communicate with others.
    • This is Plo Koon’s first mission with Wolffe, Sinker, and Boost.
    • Palpatine rarely leaves the safety of Coruscant.
    • The Malevolence is five times larger than a Jedi cruiser and was designed by Ruggle Schmong.
    • The Malevolence‘s plasma disk grows larger with greater distance without losing any power.
  • Shadow of Malevolence:
    • Anakin trained the pilots of Shadow Squadron.
    • The symbol of the Jedi Council is featured on Plo Koon’s glove.
    • The Malevolence is armed with 500 turbolaser cannons.
    • Medical stations can carry up to 100 patients.
    • Dooku left the Malevolence for his secret base to talk to Darth Sidious.
    • Darth Sidious told Dooku where to find the medical station.
    • Ryndellia is a neutral planet close to the Outer Rim.
    • Anakin calls the formation Shadow Squadron uses in the nebula “Bantha Formation” (the wings line up behind him, like Tusken Raiders riding in single file).
    • Obi-Wan’s flagship is the called the Negotiator, and he doesn’t have a deck officer to command his fleet yet.
  • Destroy Malevolence
    • The moon Anakin crashes the Malevolence into is the dead moon of Kaliida. Nothing lives there anymore.
  •  Rookies:
    • The attack shown in the episode was Separatists’ first attempt to attack Kamino.
    • Anakin has not slept in three days.
    • The Republic attack shuttle can carry up to 30 clones.
    • Tibrin is a planet of shallow oceans and beaches.
  • Downfall of a Droid:
    • Anakin modeled his and Obi-Wan’s chest plates on ancient Jedi armor designs.
    • Grievous’ warships are weakest on the bottom with the thickest armoring on top.
    • R2 tuned-up Anakin’s fighter right before the battle.
    • A droid warship’s bridge can be easily destroyed once its shield generators lose power.
    • The Twilight is equipped with a single escape pod.
    • R3 units are the latest thing and very popular.
    • Trandoshans can regrow limbs and hatch from eggs.
    • Gha’s right eye was injured on a bar fight on Coruscant, which he started (Gha can be seen drinking in Ziro’s palace on Coruscant in the TCW film).
  • Duel of the Droids:
    • The markings on Gha Nachkt’s jumpsuit identify him as a level 5 droid technician.
    • Grievous has implants that enable him to understand machine language.
    • Skytop Station is on the second moon of Ruusan, which has three moons referred to by the locals as the “Three Sisters.”
    • Grievous has scanners and Ahsoka hopes machinery will jam them so he can’t find her.
    • R3-S6 was stolen by Grievous’ agents and reprogrammed on the planet Milagro.
    • Denal served with Captain Rex on Geonosis.
  • Bombad Jedi:
    • Padme is speaking Huttese when first talking to Ono. “Chowbasa” means hello.
    • The design on Padme’s hood is the royal crest of Naboo.
    • Crab droids are also referred to as “muckrackers” because they are deployed on swampy planets.
    • Gunray’s shuttle is called the Lapiz Cutter.
    • The glowing poola blossoms are like air fresheners inside the Senatorial Palace dome.
    • The suction cup fingers of Rodians allow them to climb on walls and ceilings.
    • Only male Kwazel Maw slugs have glowing stripes.
  • Cloak of Darkness:
    • Gree is named after an ancient but advanced alien species.
    • Only Count Dooku knows the true identity of Darth Sidious.
    • Luminara’s tattoo symbolizes her physical prowess in battle.
    • Gunray’s hat is a symbol of the office of Viceroy of the Trade Federation.
    • Luminara knew Dooku while he was a Jedi.
    • Dooku began bribing Captain Argyus to betray the Republic long before the war began.
    • Though Luminara has traveled with Obi-Wan to confront Sith before, she has never actually fought one herself.
    • Luminara is known for her ability to accurately see future events using the Force.
    • Commander Gree’s haircut is called the “double stripe” and he wears it in honor of his fallen comrades from the Battle of Tibrin (which was mentioned by Rex in Rookies).
    • Barriss is absent during the events of the episode because she is overseeing an operation on Geonosis (likely foreshadowing the Season Two arc).
  • Lair of Grievous
    • Luminara and Ahsoka transferred to the Outer Rim Command Center when their ship, the Tranquility, was damaged in the previous episode.
    • Clone Commander Fil is an explosives expert.
    • The secret hangar in Grievous’ lair is programmed to allow only Grievous’ personal starfighter to enter.
    • The Senate has issued a ‘dead or alive’ warrant on Grievous.
    • Mon Calamari can breathe underwater for up to 30 hours.
    • EV-A4-D once worked at a hospital but was fired for working without painkillers.
    • Mean streaks in EV supervisor droids are common due to a programming glitch.
  • Dooku Captured:
    • Obi-Wan became a Jedi Master when he joined the Council (indicating he is already on the Council during Season One).
    • Yularen is absent because he is still healing from the Malevolence battle.
    • Spice is made by giant spiders.
    • Obi-Wan is on the Resolute while his own ship is being resupplied.

That’s all, thanks for reading! Be sure to let us know if you find the last missing episodes.

Writer: marvelstarwars

Editors: AV and Confederalis

Special thanks to mMthab for finding the Decoded episodes, LukeTheNerd for bringing them to our attention, and Darkaid for helping record Decoded information.

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