Doctor Death – The Story of Cornelius Evazan

Spoiler warning for the latest issue of the Doctor Aphra comic. Given recent events, we thought it would be interesting to do a summary of everything we know about the life of Dr. Evazan in canon, a character who dates back to the very first draft of A New Hope. So without further ado, presenting the life of Cornelius Evazan so far.

Evazan was born on the planet Alsakan, a planet in the Core Worlds, and eventually began training to become a surgeon. Despite being a promising student, he began to be corrupted by madness. At one point he attended a banquet where he met a bureaucrat named Jerriko. He opened up his own cosmetic surgery clinic in Pons Ora on Abafar that was shut down by the time of the Clone Wars. He started doing cruel and inhumane experiments on his patients that left them horrifically scarred.

His actions drew the attention of a bounty hunter that sought to destroy him. The hunter succeeded in scarring the doctor’s face but Evazan was rescued by an Aqualish named Ponda Baba, starting a long-lasting friendship between the two thugs. The two came under the employment of Dryden Vos, capo of Crimson Dawn. Evazan served as Dryden’s personal doctor, monitoring Dryden’s volatile physiology that came from a crossed heritage and past injuries.

While working for Vos, Evazan experimented on Caysin Bog, a man severely injured in an insurgent attack. Bog became the prototype of Evazan’s new line of mindless cyborg servants, the Decraniated. Dryden was then killed by one of his lieutenants, leaving Evazan and Ponda out of a job. They went rogue and continued their experiments on many other planets, including Milvayne. Tam Posla, a lawman from Milvayne, began pursuing the two of them after they moved on. They started smuggling spice for Jabba the Hutt, a job that took them all over. Over time, they acquired the death sentence in twelve different star systems.

The pair eventually travelled to war-torn Jedha, where they created more Decraniated from the victims of attacks carried by Saw Gerrera’s Partisans. While on Jedha, Caysin met Tam and the two of them became romantically involved, starting to hunt Evazan and Ponda together. All four left the planet just before the Death Star blew up the city. Evazan and Ponda traveled to Tatooine, where Evazan got medications to help ease the constant pain he felt from his wounds, and the two took a job serving as enforcers for Greedo. They also spent time in the cantina, boasting about their many death sentences and picking fights with different patrons, including Bossk. While waiting for Greedo to make a move against Han Solo, they picked a fight with the wrong kid, leading to Ponda losing his arm and Evazan gaining a grievous wound in his chest. They lurched out of the cantina, Evazan holding his friend’s arm, and departed Tatooine, leaving poor Greedo to confront his enemy alone. Needless to say, it didn’t turn out well for the luckless Rodian.

Evazan attempted to reattach the arm to Ponda but he failed, nearly killing the Aqualish. They somehow lost the arm, it was eventually picked up by Tam. Evazan infiltrated a biofarm on Thannt and acquired a pluripleq, a creature that allowed Evazan to disguise himself as someone else. He placed himself on the Imperial Accresker Jail disguised as a shapeshifter named Lopset Yas, befriending fellow prisoner Chelli Aphra. Aphra eventually called Tam to help the two of them escape from the jail, telling Tam she had Evazan for him and having “Lopset” disguise himself as Evazan. When Tam discovered the ruse he held them at gunpoint only to be killed by assassin droid 0-0-0.

“Lopset” knocked out both the droid and Aphra, dragging them to Tam’s ship and taking off. When Aphra woke up, he explained his true identity and revealed that he had executed another experiment on Aphra and Triple Zero: if either died or went more than 20 meters from the other, they would both explode. Ponda arrived and the two friends, having reclaimed the Aqualish’s arm, left Aphra and Triple Zero to their own devices.

Presumably, Evazan will continue to appear in the Doctor Aphra comic from now on, he has shown himself as an adversary harder to defeat than most. The iconic duo has established themselves as a significant presence in the Star Wars universe and they’ll almost certainly continue to menace the galaxy for many stories yet to come.



  • Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope
  • Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
  • Solo: A Star Wars Story
  • The Clones Wars – “Missing in Action”
  • From a Certain Point of View
  • Doctor Aphra: Remastered
  • Doctor Aphra: The Catastrophe Con
  • Bounty Hunt
  • Character Encyclopedia: Updated and Expanded
  • Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide
  • Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy’s Most Notorious


Written by AV-6R7 and NumidianPrime

Edited by confederalis

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