Continuity Corner II: Scum and Villainy’s References and Continuity

Hello everyone and welcome to another continuity post! Today we are tackling Pablo Hidalgo’s Scum and Villainy: Case Files on the Galaxy’s Most Wanted. This book is chalk full of trademark Pablo and is a great pickup for anyone interested in the facets of the underworld in canon. We highly recommend.

Republic Era

  • A blurb at the beginning of the section mentions that the Republic has had “a thousand years of peace”. Interpret this how you will.
  • The Clone Wars led to the legitimization of many crime organizations and syndicates due to treaties that allowed them to operate.
  • Coruscant has grown upwards for millennia at the time of Episode I
  • Species tribalism and immigrant subsectors rule the lower levels of Coruscant
  • A Pau’an gangster from the Wandering Star Syndicate was arrested on Coruscant. The Wandering Star is headquartered on Level 1313. (This all might be a reference to the canceled 1313 game). Some may recall Wandering Star as the Pau’an gang from Last Shot.
  • During Valorum’s chancellory, many high profile senators and officials worked with the Pyke Syndicate, took bribes, and generally gave the Pykes the independent power they have today. This newfound power led the Pykes to expand into territory beyond their reach, inciting an all-out gang war on Coruscant in 34-33 BBY.
    • One of these senators was Senator Yudrish Sedran of Chalacta who was from Pablo’s HoloNet posts leading up to Attack of the Clones
  • Many senators also had dealings with Ziro the Hutt. Ziro’s nightclub was in CoCo Town (the area with the Anklebiter Brigade from Aftermath as well as Dex’s Diner) and many shady top official dealings happened here.
  • When Boba Fett was arrested, many thought he should waive his rights because he was a clone.
  • The Republic retrieved Jango’s helmet from the remains of the Endurance
  • Most criminal thugs get tattoos to show their affiliation to their gang. This reminds me of the alien from Resistance with the Black Sun tattoo.
  • Rako Hardeen’s true death was held as a secret from the rest of the galaxy by the Jedi.
  • With the death of Jango Fett, many said Cad Bane became the best hunter in the galaxy.
  • Boba Fett’s gang was named Krayt’s Claw.
  • Xrexus Cartel of Drazkel (Maul comic) was a droid manufacturer. They worked with Droid Gotra.
  • Zugga Entertainment on Sebulba’s page about podracing is a nod to Groff Zugga, who hosted podraces in Ep 1 Racer.
  • Mekuun Corporation was from Children of the Jedi and Pablo also used it in Propaganda
  • Neva Kee disappeared during the Boonta Eve Classic (as established in his Databank entry) and it was found that Farwan & Glott (a podracer manufacturer) paid off Jabba to capture Kee to get his customization secrets.
    • Farwan & Glott is from a TPM Insider issue.
  • Hondo Ohnaka is said to have preyed on the Metellos Trade Route which was from Coruscant and the Core Worlds, an RPG guide.
  • Nack Movers was a hitman for many gangs on Coruscant. He lives in the Jrade District of Coruscant, which was also from Pablo’s HoloNet articles.
  • Aurra and Embo being part of Krayt’s Claw in 19 BBY is a nod to the unmade TCW bounty hunter arc.
  • Mandalorian kri’gee ale was originally from The Old Republic: Revan.

Imperial Era

  • The Empire split crimes up into 5 ranks of infractions but officers had lots of freedom in how to interpret the situation.
  • The creation of the Galactic Empire led to the rise of crime and black markets including Crymorah, Droid Gotra, and Crimson Dawn.
  • The Empire became more friendly to bounty hunters and gave them more freedoms.
  • The Scrumrats of White Worms sabotaged many KDY and Sienar ships and vehicles while they were on Corellia.
  • Coronet City was home to tons of illegal swoop racing and Tyrena on Corellia is from The Paradise Snare.
  • Dryden’s Collection
    • His Mandalorian armor was stolen from a museum on Kalevala. It was that of a rally master or battlefield commander during the ancient Mandalorian Wars of expansion
    • A vase called the ou’tranoi which collected the souls of enemies of the Monks of Golus Pheyar. Stolen from the Tion Hegemony.
      • This is a very obscure nod to the first WEG Roleplaying Game rulebook
    • Statue of a Gadoan stolen from Barptomous Drebble, a nod to the original Marvel comics
    • Archaic Arsenal of Ordo and Scabbard Monument of Krownest had Mandalorian items stolen as well.
    • A map was stolen from ancient times that shows the ancient alignment of Corellia, Alderaan, and Duros, naming them 3 as the center of the ancient world.
    • Theft of a navigation data plaque from a Jedi survey craft.
      • The ancient Permondiri Explorer is from the Daley trilogy.
  • Hondo was spotted on Trammis III (from the Lando Adventures). He now has a large bounty after expanding his operations. Kallus investigated him.
  • Malkite Poisoners, a group of assassins, have been in service for millennia. They are a secret organization that conspiracy theorists believe are behind many high profile deaths. This is another reference to the original Han Solo Adventures.
  • Sinrich (one of the bounty hunters from The Box) created personal cloaking devices during the CW and someone replicated them, using them to steal items from the ISB’s vault on Coruscant.
  • Ketsu Onyo worked as a hired gun for the Black Sun. She resigned on good terms and many want her to infiltrate the organization once again to take it down from the inside.
  • Ketsu is from Shukut, a Mandalorian world from the Essential Atlas
  • The Empire retrieved Bossk’s arm which he lost due to a fight with a Wookiee on Ord Mantell. He regenerated that arm soon after.
  • Boba Fett’s armor is authentic Mandalorian but Fett himself is not Mandalorian.
  • IG-88 was liberated by Droid Gotra but droids were not allowed to get licenses in the Empire so he worked illegally as a bounty hunter
  • Droid Gotra freed 4-LOM from a luxury liner to join their ranks. They used the story of 4-LOM as propaganda to spread the word that “function does not determine future.”
  • Saw Gerrera went against the Alderaan Convention.
  • Cornelius Evazan was employed by Dryden Vos. That is where he began his experiments on the Decraniated.
  • Enfys Nest stole medicinal spice from an Imperial base on Gargon which led Divo to believe Enfys was building an army to go to war.
  • Bom Vimdin (one of the cantina patrons in ANH) was one of the most successful smugglers in the galaxy.
  • Aphra’s age is established as 24 during the Vader comic.
  • Tan Divo was killed on Alderaan during The Disaster.
  • Suspected rebel base locations soon before ESB: Dantooine, Ithor, Akuria (from the Pizzazz comic), Picturion (from WEG), Farstey (WEG), Dankayo (WEG), Laakteen (newspaper comics), Alluyen.
  • Inferno Squad locked down any info Madine had after his defection so he couldn’t leak anything damaging.
  • Ancient explorers used Carbonite to keep people alive on long journeys. It then was used to freeze volatile materials for shipping.
  • The earliest known carbonite trophies are from the Krath that conquered the Empress Teta carbonite mines, from the Tales of the Jedi comics.

New Republic Era

  • NR established Sector Rangers (a Legends concept).
  • The first name for Governor Adelhard from Uprising: Ubrik.
  • When Lando took control of Cloud City after the fall of the Iron Blockade, Cloud City forces toppled the Ivax Syndicate, forcing them out of the system.
  • Rinnrivin Di’s Syndicate of Nikto’s filled the power gap that the Hutts left in the crim world after Jabba’s death. He keeps his operations outside NR space, allowing him to operate freely just as the Hutts did.
  • The Ithorians’ Mother Jungle is canonized here. This dates all the way back to WEG.
  • Around 34 ABY, Kanjiklub was attempting to expand its territory, causing it to come into direct conflict with the New Republic.
  • Some speculate Guavians have markers of Evazan or a protege.
  • King Prana is named Grevoth Prana IX of the Kaboryth cluster and we get our first depiction of him.
  • Tralusian syntaxes are presumably from Tralus, in the Corellia system, not yet canonized.
  • Humbarine from the AotC Incredible Cross-Sections.
  • Exantor Divo is police commissioner of Hosnian Prime for 4 years.

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoyed and make sure to suggest anything we didn’t find!

Written by confederalis

Edited by marvelstarwars

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