Battle of Jakku Timeline

The Timeline

Written by: Confed
Edited by: marvelstarwars
Researched by: Marvel, Confed, Luke, Pale##

Before the Battle:

– Admiral Ackbar dispatches the New Republic Military to Jakku. He leads the Navy along with Commodore Agate as Lieutenant General Brockway leads the ground forces. (EE, BFII)

– General Carlist Rieekan orders Thane and his squadron to infiltrate and capture an ISD (LS)

– Counselor Gallius Rax mobilizes all Imperial forces on and above Jakku. He places Grand Moff Randd in charge of the navy and General Hodnar Borrum in charge of the ground forces (EE)

– ISD Spectral answers Rax’s call but is taken down by a New Republic infiltrator just before the New Republic fleet arrives (DD)

– Rax delivers a rousing speech to all Imperial forces (EE)

– The New Republic’s main goal is to swiftly defeat the Empire and capture their research facility on Carbon Ridge. (TFA VD)

– The Empire’s main goal was to survive and prevent the facility from being captured. However, Rax had ulterior motives. He wanted to destroy the Empire and take a select few to the Unknown Regions. (TFA VD, EE)

– Inferno Squad is called to the battle from Sullust by Admiral Ackbar (BFII)

– The Empire’s Navy forms a defensive perimeter around Jakku with the Ravager at the heart. (EE)

During the Battle:

– New Republic ships emerge from hyperspace and immediately begin bombarding Imperial ships (EE)

– Blade Squadron is ordered to cripple capital ships while Phantom and Phoenix Squadrons are ordered to take out turbolasers (OtFL)

– Blue Squadron is deployed by Ackbar (HM)

– The New Republic military establishes landing zones near Cratertown (EE)

– Thane’s transport flies towards the Inflictor, Captain Ciena Ree’s ship (LS)

– Iden and Shriv of Inferno Squad cover the ground while Del mans the Corvus in the sky (BFII)

– After a brief fight with TIE Fighters, 77 Squadron destroys the bridge of a Star Destroyer and jumps back to their base (HM)

– Wedge orders Phantom Squadron to enter the atmosphere and provide air to ground support (EE)

– Sloane notices the Empire’s ground line slowly falling back (EE)

– Ciena senses the battle is going badly and wants to split up fighters more but Thane successfully boards the Inflictor (LS)

– Captain Lindsey’s ship is brought down and Iden and Shriv help cover him and his men. Inferno Squad is dispatched to help them. (BFII)

– Inferno Squad helps Lindsey with AT-ATs and the Unity provides bombing run on the AT-ATs (BFII)

– Iden and Shriv land to destroy bombers in an ISD that are going to reinforce the Carbon Ridge facility (BFII)

– Starhawk Unity requests support in breaking through the Empire’s fleet (BFII, EE)

– Temmin leaves Phantom Squadron to tail an Imperial shuttle (EE)

– Phantom Squadron has gone back up into space to assist with taking out the Ravager (BFII)

– Ackbar orders to secure the Imperial facility in Carbon Ridge (BFII)

– Thane and Ciena leave in an escape pod and are jostled around as the Inflictor impacts the surface (LS)

– The Inflictor crashes and the Rebels send a team to find Thane and Kendy for recovery (BFII)

– Captain Lindsay and his men attack Carbon Ridge after presumably taking large amounts of land (BFII, EE)

– Ackbar says that a contingent of corvettes and two frigates have been destroyed at this point and Agate’s three ships are working on taking down the Ravager (EE)

– Ackbar receives a report on (presumably) Captain Lindsay’s advancements (EE)

– Gideon Hask tries to destroy the Corvus but is shot down by Iden, presumed dead (BFII)

– The ISD Punishment turns its nose starboard towards the Amity, cutting the ship in half and advancing towards the Concord (EE)

– Iden boards her father’s Star Destroyer but Garrick refuses to leave, sending Iden to an escape pod while he goes down with the ship (BFII)

– Agate orders the crew of the Concord to abandon ship as she has her ship charge the Ravager (EE)

– Ackbar orders all forces to attack the Ravager’s engines (EE, BS)

– The Ravager disables the Concord and Agate’s ship begins to plummet down to the surface (EE)

– The Concord snares the Ravager with a tractor beam (EE)

– The New Republic ships attack the engines, two corvettes protect the Concord, and the Unity provides Agate with cover (EE)

– Blade Squadron takes out the final engine of the Ravager (EE, BS)

– The Concord pulls the Ravager down to Jakku where both ships crash (EE, BS, etc)

– As the Empire begins to lose, a Star Destroyer with a young gunner on board crashes down to the surface (LoLS)

– Temmin is hit by debris from the falling Ravager and crashes (EE)

– The ground battle continues but many Imperial soldiers give up (including Terex). Temmin begins to wander around Jakku (EE, PD)

– Norra Wexley and Rae Sloane defeat Rax and stop the Observatory. Sloane leaves for the Unknown Regions (EE)

– After surviving her crash, Moonsong comes across an Imperial stormtrooper camp, and finds Temmin Wexley had killed everyone there. (BS)

– Temmin and Moonsong meet New Republic troops and attack an Imperial convoy, and Moonsong manages to get inside one of the transports, attempting to send communications to Ackbar’s Home One. Ranz is killed. (BS)

– As more New Republic troops are killed and a TIE fighter fleet comes in to attack, Blade Squadron comes in and begins attack the Imperials, finishing them off. (BS)

– Mas Amedda signs a peace treaty, officially ending the war (EE)

After the Battle:

– A New Republic search team finds the pod and rescues Thane and Ciena, arresting Ciena (LS)

– Del finds Iden after the New Republic wins the battle (BFII)

– The crashed gunner is pulled out of the wreckage by a man he thinks is Luke Skywalker (LoLS)

– Even though the war is officially over, unorganized and poorly led Imperials hold out for weeks. Their base is eventually overtaken and most remaining jump into the Unknown Regions (many)

– The Empire is still focused on protecting the hotly contested Carbon Ridge (CL)

– The Interrogator deployed Hellhounds in a last-ditch attempt to protect Carbon Ridge (CL)

– Crashed pilot Odavia Anaru took out AT-AT Hellhound Two as it made its way to defend the research facility (OtFL)

– The Interrogator crashed soon after, close to the crash site of the Ravager (CL)

– The Imperials are finally overrun at Carbon Ridge but they destroy the facility as they evacuate. All remaining Imperial officers are declared war criminals. Many go into hiding. (TFA VD, LoLS)

Thanks, everyone for reading! If we made any mistakes, please feel free to leave a comment, inform us on discord, or make a post on the subreddit. May the Force be With You!

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